Esméralda Emanuela (b.1996) is a visual artist based in The Netherlands.

Esméralda’s work focuses on subjects that enter a relationship with the cosmos.
By moving in the field of tension between factual and fictional, Esméralda’s work encourages an engagement and participation in our search for the unknown. Visually, she searches for objects and locations that seem strange to her. Playing with the ambiguity of the visual language, she encourages us to reconsider our ideas, whereby Esméralda effectively tries to create circumstances in which – both for herself and for the viewer – the familiar seems unfamiliar.
She wants to establish a dialogue between the spectator and the images. Her vision of on the works usually includes a surrealistic or abstract idea that she elaborates in various disciplines, such as digital and analog photography. The graphic elements in the works are manually applied and captured in the moment. 

For inquiries concerning photography or graphic design, contact me.
Prints available on request. 


GUP FRESH EYES talent 2021
PhotoTWENS talent 2021

Selected Exhibitions

2022 — the Faculty Club, exhibition, Leuven (BE)
2022 — We Pace Above the Moving Tree, Hasselt (BE)
2021 — PhotoTWENS unexposed, Leuven (BE)
2021 — Haute Photographie Amsterdam, Amsterdam (NL)
2021 — Biennale de Photographie, Condroz (BE)
2021 — ART Rotterdam, FRESH EYES – GUP Magazine, Rotterdam (NL)
2021 — Ondersporen, CCHA, Hasselt (BE)
2021 — Curating the city, Curating the Young, HAL 5, Leuven (BE)
2020 — Digital Exhibition, Pauline Mast, Amsterdam (NL)
2019 — Het Kunst Schip, Hasselt (BE)
2019 — FLOW, C-mine cultuurcentrum, Genk (BE)


GUP magazine, FRESH EYES, 2021
JUZI Magazine, Issue 2 Vol.2 2021
MOB Journal, november 2020
SALYSÉ, volume 6 nr. 53
Picton Magazine, april 2020, Issue #477
LYUN Magazine, may issue 2020
VZSN Magazine, Issue 9. Vol. 3
MOB Journal, may 2020


2021 – 2023 Luca School of Arts, Genk (BE) Master of Art Education

2020 – 2021 Luca School of Arts, Genk (BE) Visual Arts MA

2016 – 2019 Luca School of Arts, Genk (BE) Visual Arts BA

2012 – 2016 Sint Lucas, Eindhoven (NL) Crossmedia Design